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Risotto Napoletana

Ready in
15 Minutes

Napoli is probably more famous for pasta and pizza, but Risotto alla napoletana is one of the finest dishes of Italian southern tradition. It is a simple and tasty risotto recipe made with tomato and basil. The result is a comforting risotto with a unique taste.
Liked by children and adults, this meal has the peculiarity of being ready in just 15 minutes.

Portions number: 2

Parboiled rice 77.5%, dehydrated tomato 6.5%, sugar, corn starch, rice flour, salt, potato maltodextrin, onion, broth (salt, lactose, yeast extract, sugar, dehydrated vegetables (onion, celery , garlic), meat extract), flavorings, dehydrated basil, turmeric.

Stir in the pouch content into a saucepan with 600 ml of cold water. Bring to a boil, and stir regularly. When boiling, cook at low heat for 15-17 minutes, stirring regularly. Let it rest for a minute before serving.

MICROWAVE: Stir the pouch content into a bowl suitable for microwave with 500 ml of cold water. Microwave uncovered at 900 Watt for 17-19 minutes

Average values per 100g
Energy kj-kcal 1520-359
Fat 1,2 g
– of which saturates 0,3 g
Carbohydrate 76,7 g
– of which sugars 11,5 g
Protein 7,6 g
Fiber 5,2 g
Salt 3,22 g